Good Morning :)

From the beginning Jake has loved music!  Before he could talk his face would beam and he would move his body as best he could to the beat.  Now that he can speak he loves to sing along to his favorite songs and I must say it is too cute and really awesome!  Jake seems to love all types of music from classical to rock to contemporary Christian.  Jake will find children’s songs on his IPad and sing along; currently he loves all of the nursery rhyme songs — ABC’s, Mary Had A Little Lamb etc.  And he loves listening to the radio and when a familiar song comes on he loves to dance.

About a year or so ago a Christian artist, Mandisa, came out with a song called Good Morning.  Good Morning Song  If you ever want a song that will wake you up and make you feel good this is a great choice and one of Jake’s favorites.  Jake calls it the “uh-oh song” and the smile that shoots across his face when he hears it is hard to describe.  Maybe infectious is the right word, when Jake smiles and starts singing I can’t help but smile and sing along too.  In the middle of the song there is a rap portion (not really, but if you listen to the song you’ll see what I mean).  Jake has been trying for a while now to sing this part.  Last week on the way home from school Good Morning came on the radio and Jake says “I wuv this song”!  He has his hands in the air and clapping to the beat and then the song gets to the rap part and the boy starts singing along….word for word.  As I am driving and listening to him sing all I think about is how awesome this is and tears fill my eyes!  It is no small success, this is huge!  I take a minute to see the enormity of this moment and wish I wasn’t driving so I could have recorded him singing this…I was amazed.  What amazes me is how a year ago he only knew a handful of words; a year ago he couldn’t sing along to this type of song and here he is today not only singing the correct words but clapping to the beat and my favorite…car dancing 🙂

I struggle a lot with Jake’s autism.  There are days I feel as if I can’t handle this anymore but there are also the days where I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Autism has made me slow down, take a breath and see things I might not see otherwise.  Honestly if given the chance I wouldn’t change anything because that would mean changing who Jake is as a person.  There are positive sides to autism, for me it has made me stop in the middle of a busy day and take joy in the simple act of clapping to the beat, singing along with a song and the little voice that shouts “I dancing”.


3 thoughts on “Good Morning :)

  1. I love to hear these kinds of things. Music is such a powerful tool in learning. The face that he can sing the words, clap the rhythm, dance is so great. It gives him joy and oh, the joy it gives his mama is priceless! You made my heart sing.

    My little prayer of thanksgiving….”Thank you Father for having music in our lives so that we can praise your Name!”

    Love you.


    • Thank you! I have always loved and appreciated music, I hope Jake will as well. I was telling Debbie today how I hope one day he will be able to take piano lessons. Love you so very much!!


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