just a few random things over the past couple of weeks:

I pulled this out of Jake’s backpack. To say it melted my heart is an understatement. I got a little teary eyed and this note has been hanging on my fridge and will continue to hang on my fridge for a long time. I truly love this for so many reasons. One, he can now write without help. Two, he can spell his own words and put his feelings on paper. And three, he thinks about me during the day. I asked him if his teacher or aide told him to write me a note he said “no, we were drawing pictures and I wanted to draw you one”! I know I say he amazes me every day but when you have a child on the autism spectrum, the smallest tasks are monumental.



I pulled this out of Jake’s backpack. He made this owl in art. Growing up my dad had a small collection of owls. Upon his passing, 5 years ago, I adopted his love for owls; they help me feel close to him. When I saw this cute piece of art my eyes filled with tears and my heart was so full of love. I asked him which part he made he said “all of it but I had help with some”. He pulled the ears, stamped the face and painted this masterpiece. I will treasure this forever! There was a time he wouldn’t touch clay, it nearly made him sick, nor would he or do anything “crafty”. Love this little owl for what it means to me but also that my boy was able to make it!



Jake got a marble run for his birthday. I have shown him these before and his aide has tried to get him to play with one but he was not interested. He is now interested and loves watching the marbles race down the tubes, spin and doesn’t mind the clicking of the marbles as they get to the end of the track. I asked him yesterday why he never liked this toy before and he said “they were too loud and hurt my ears.” I asked him if it hurt his ears now, he laughed and said “no mommy, I just know what is going to happen now and it is fun fun fun!”



Last one for today…I took Jake to get his haircut the Saturday before his birthday. We found an awesome salon for kids where the owners work hard to help make getting a haircut easier on the child as well as the parents; they have a child with sensory processing disorder. The first two times we went there Jake sat in the floor while the stylist cut his hair. This last time Jake and I talked how he would sit in the big chair like a big boy. He did and although it was a struggle the owners worked with Jake while the stylist cut his hair super-fast. When the stylist was done she asked Jake if he wanted his hair spiked; he squirmed and said “no” but she was already putting gel in his hair. He was okay and by the end he loved it. Since then he asks me to make his hair stand up. Again, another not so little thing…



We have worked hard for the past 5 years to get to where we are today. Some things are easier than others and those “other” things seem to take forever to grasp. BUT Jake is one determined little boy and I can’t wait to see what he can do or tolerate next!


Children are a gift from the Lord, a reward from him. Psalm 127:3


7th Birthday :)

Jake’s birthday was this past Thursday and I think this has been his best birthday yet! He woke up pretty happy, saw some of his transformer decorations and said “I’m just going to stay in my room!” In the past, Jake would have cried. In the past, Jake would have made me take down his decorations. BUT here is what he said talking to himself…”okay, Jake. You can do this! Take deep breaths.” He takes about 4-5 deep breaths. “Alright, I am good. I think I can look at the transformers. It’s okay Jake, just take more breaths and you can do this.” He walks back out into the dining room, hides from the decorations, takes a few more deep breaths and was good to go. For those of you who have been with us from the beginning or who have kids similar to Jake, then you know what a big accomplishment this is for him and us! This kid knows how to find his calm on his own.


Jake was excited to go to school! His aide, MK, got him from the car and Jake gave her this big smile. She said “here is the 7-year-old” and he loses his smile so she says “it’s okay, we’ll do it at your pace.” and he smiles again. I went to school to have lunch for his birthday and he is all smiles! He never wants me to eat lunch with him, each time I ask he says “mommy, I have to eat lunch with my friends not parents!” But that day was different. I brought him McDonald’s and he was SO happy! He wanted to take silly selfies with me which was fun. As he was lining up with his class to go back to the room some of his friends started singing Happy Birthday. So sweet!!


After school we went out to eat and then came home to presents! In the past he didn’t like presents very much but now he LOVES them. We also had a birthday donut per his request as I’ve been told a trillion times “I don’t like cake but I want a glazed donut from Dunkin Donuts” And this year he blew out his own candles with no help!! I wish I could post video’s here but I don’t have the prime account so if you want to see the video, hop over to my Facebook page Our Journey with Jake .

IMG_7530 IMG_7554


Such a great day with lots of fun memories!! Love this kid ❤



“Every good and perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17