the past month

It’s hard to believe I haven’t written anything in a while. A lot has happened but for some reason I couldn’t sit and write. So this post will be a recap, of sorts, of the happenings this past month.

  • The book, “The Strong Willed Child”, should have Jake’s picture on the cover. I’m sure many of you can relate. It is a gift. It motivates him and he doesn’t quit until he has mastered whatever it is he is working on at any given time. He can’t or won’t quit until he figures “it” out. It is also a curse. Jake crosses his arms over his chest, widens his stance and says “humph” when he isn’t about to do what is being asked of him. Nope, not autism but clearly being a typical kid testing his boundaries. 
  • Jake is still terribly afraid of unfamiliar things. His bathtub is super slippery so I bought a bath mat to go in the bottom of the tub. Being a mom of an autistic child I should have known to warn him, show him the bath mat and explain to him what its purpose is but nope I didn’t. I just stuck the mat in the tub and expected him to step on it; no questions asked. Ha! I went to help him in the tub and he freaked out! He wouldn’t get in the tub and finally when I coaxed him in he stood on his tippy toes just off the mat afraid for his life. I felt awful; I should have known to warn him about the bath mat, I just didn’t think it was that big of a deal. But it was. It’s been two weeks and he still doesn’t like it and refuses to touch it most of the time. Bath time isn’t fun at all!
  • Speaking of baths, Jake will not take a shower! Since he was a baby he hated rain and hated the way it felt on his skin. He still HATES it. Although he doesn’t cry anymore when it rains, something he did from the age of 18 months until he was close to 7 (he’s 7 now), he still cannot stand the rain. So the shower to him is like rain. I bought a hand-held shower wand and we’ve been with it but it will take a while. Jake doesn’t really like it and stresses out if I get the sprayer to close to his head. He begs me each and every time we take a bath to not spray him in the face or on his head. So yep, I still have to give him a bath. There will be a HUGE celebration when he finally masters the shower, you’ll all be invited 😉
  • Jake went on a field trip to Menagerie Farm earlier this month. He had the best time and almost got on the pony for a ride and almost fed a goat. When he was 3 he was put on one of their ponies but didn’t understand what was happening. So the past few times we’ve been he has stayed far away from them. This time, Jake stood in line and when it was his turn he changed his mind. Maybe next time.
  • Halloween was a HUGE HIT!! Jake went trick or treating for the first time! He wore a costume and made sure to obey all the safety rules he learned at school (something he told us he had to do). He collected candy for Allie and had so much fun! The smile on his face was huge that night. We (Allie, John and me) couldn’t have been more proud!!
  • We have started going to church; something I have avoided for a long time. When Jake was diagnosed at the age of 19 months, I felt there was no way I could just drop him off in a Sunday School and I wasn’t about to allow my kid to be with someone I knew nothing about. This past fall I attended a Bible study, a few of the ladies in my group told me how the church provides a shadow for children with special needs. I called the church, met the children’s minister where I was assured a shadow for Jake and we went to church. Jake’s shadow was perfect for him, she let him tell her what he could and couldn’t do and was there to help but didn’t seem to hover. He loved it! We’ve now been 3 times and he really enjoys his Sunday School and being in another social environment. Thanks to his social therapy and being in a typical classroom at school it has really helped him in this new setting!
  • Thanksgiving was great! Low key and although Jake won’t eat one bite of the traditional Thanksgiving foods he loved having Nathan and Kara there along with Allie. John got called to work about the time we were to sit down and eat so it was a different day for sure. But Jake had a happy face on and loved being with his family!

There is a lot more “stuff” that went on but I don’t want to bore anyone. But I am thankful for the little boy that is in my life. He makes life interesting whether it is autism related or not. He can make my blood boil and at times I cry out of frustration. I don’t get why he can’t adjust to taking a shower but doesn’t mind me pouring water on his head to wash his hair. I love that he walks into a room and tells me he loves me or runs to his sister when she comes home from college to give her a huge hug. I love the relationship Jake has with John and how they are so silly together.

I have so many emotions raising a kid who is autistic. But most of the time I wouldn’t change it. For now, the only thing I would change would be the shower thing…I am tired of giving him a bath 🙂  (can you tell I’m over the whole bath thing…hahaha)

Pictures from the past month….


Captain America (1st Halloween to dress up) 🙂
With Dad and Sissy, Halloween night!
Selfie at the farm 🙂
2nd Grade school picture
Thanksgiving 2016